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A productivity machine that forces you to work smart and conquer your tasks one-by-one.

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Buy groceries


Nice job!

Next task: Feed the cat

or take a break

The powerful Science of Focus

50% more productive

50% more free time


Edit photoshoot

Hyper Focus

Your current task stays pinned on screen so you know where to focus, at all times.

Stay in Flow

Complete task after task without searching for what to do next. Constant flow state.

Nice job! Your next task is:

Feed the cat

or take a break

Any Platform

Add tasks on the go from iOS or Android, then Slash through them on Mac or Windows. Linux coming soon!


Slash provides every possible setting to make it flexible to your perfect workflow


Dig into your productivity and watch your progress with our dashboard.

Coming Soon

Seamless Sync

Keep using your existing apps. Sync lists from Trello, Asana and Todoist.

More features to keep you focused.


The technique of working for 25 minutes intervals with 5 minute breaks.

Time Tracking

Automatically track the time you spend on each task, and see work time totals for each day.

Time-Driven Tasks

A task titled "Answer emails for 20 minutes" will automatically receive a 20 minute timer.

Smart Sorting

Quickly mark tasks as urgent/important/difficult to automatically sort by priority.

Global Shortcuts

Easily add tasks that come up from any app without interrupting your flow

Link Opening

Automatically open up any web links in the task notes when you start the task.

Why? Todo lists are broken.


Manually choosing your next task causes friction and wastes precious decision-making energy


Humans tend to choose the easiest task next, rather than the most important + urgent


They do nothing to keep you focused on the current task

The result is tasks continually rolling over to the next day, a cycle of inefficiency.

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