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This Week

Learn about Slash
Answer emails
Buy flight to Portugal
Finish V2 of pitch deck
Find a new book to read
Research date ideas


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Next: Answer emails for 30 minutes

Learn about Slash
Answer emails for 30 minutes
Buy flight to Portugal
Finish V2 of pitch deck
Find a new book to read
Research date ideas

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Plan your day.

Select tasks for today from your 'This Week' list. Prioritize.


Enter focus mode.

See a constant reminder of your current task. Stay focused.


Finish your task.

Then move on to your next task. Stay in flow state.


Win your day.

See a satisfying summary of your progress. Stop working & rest.

...and it works

"All the task management apps I have tried, [Slash] has been the only one to establish a flow that actually makes you more productive."
Nathaniel Blackburn
"I don't think many other apps have grasped the need for the reminder to not just be near you (aka on a notepad or on your phone) but on the physical screen that you are using."
Tra Pham
"I can't imagine my work life without Slash anymore. It's that powerful."
Evan Aguilar
"Slash is a tool for real-world use that makes all other task managers look like ivory tower constructions."
Joel Falconer
"Slash totally changed the way I work. This simple idea of seeing how much time you’ve spent (or sometimes wasted) on a current task pushes you incredibly hard to achieve more. "
Pavlo Biegun

+30 features to help you get more done

Seamless Sync

Need to keep using another app? No problem. Sync your tasks from Trello & Todoist. More apps coming soon.

Time Tracking

Detailed analytics of your time for charging clients or tracking your own productivity.


14hr 20min

Freelance #2

7hr 51min


4hr 5min

Work Analytics

Any and all links in your task notes will open in your browser when you start the task.

Time Limit Tasks

A task titled "Answers emails for 20 minutes" will automatically start with a 20 min timer.

Answer emails for 1 hour.

Meditate for 10 min.

Quick Task Entry

Use the handy global keyboard shortcut to add a task from anywhere without interrupting your workflow.


The technique of working for 25 minutes intervals with 5 minute breaks.

Eisenhower Matrix

A special tool to mark tasks as urgent and/or important to automatically prioritize.

Task Notes

Save links, comments and other details for each task.

Recurring Tasks

Schedule tasks to be automatically created on a regular schedule

Task Scheduling

Quickly schedule tasks to show up in your list on a later date.

Keyboard Shortcuts

16 and counting. Do it all at light-speed with no mouse.

Dark + Light Modes

..and the option to automatically switch based on time of day.

Auto-Link Opening

Any web links in the task notes open in browser when you start the task.

Satisfying Sounds

Choose from a library of ultra-satisying sound effects for completing a task.

Why? Todo lists are broken.


Manually choosing your next task causes friction and wastes precious decision-making energy


Humans tend to choose the easiest task next, rather than the most important + urgent


They do nothing to keep you focused on the current task

The result is tasks continually rolling over to the next day, a cycle of inefficiency.

Ready to slash some tasks?