Slash is a productivity machine that forces you to work smart and destroy your tasks one-by-one.

Hyper Focus

Your current task stays pinned on screen so you know where to focus, at all times.

Do laundry

Nice job! Your next task is:

Feed the cat

or take a break

Stay in Flow

Complete task after task without searching for what to do next. Constant flow state.


The GTD technique of working for 25 minutes intervals with 5 minute breaks.

Time Tracking

Automatically track the time you spend on each task, and see work time totals for each day.

Time-Driven Tasks

A task titled "Answer emails for 20 minutes" will automatically receive a 20 minute timer.

Mobile App

Add and edit tasks on the go when you're away from your laptop.

Coming Soon


Stats and leaderboards so you can compare your productivity to other slashers.

Coming Soon

App/Website Blocking

Create groups of app & website to be allowed/blocked during specific tasks.

Coming Soon

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Why? Todo lists are broken.


Manually choosing your next task causes friction and wastes previous decision-making energy


Humans tend to choose the easiest task next, rather than the most important + urgent


They do nothing to keep you focused on the current task

The result is tasks continually rolling over to the next day, a cycle of inefficiency.

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